Every adventure needs a GUIDE! As ‘The Motive Guide’ I use the enneagram as a tool to help uncover your fears, weaknesses, desires and longings all to help you navigate the ups and downs in life and grow into the incredible person you were created to be!

I’m always up for a good adventure. In the past few years, I’ve delved into the world of backpacking. This brought amazing opportunities to hike sections of the Appalachian Trail and down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon (and back up- thankfully)!

Interestingly, I find that one’s enneagram journey can be so much like a big hike:

  • You need knowledge: of the path, what to bring, wear, eat, equipment
  • You experience ups and downs (literally)
  • It can be hard, painful, beautiful, fun, exciting
  • You learn a lot about yourself
  • It is a journey
  • It takes time

Like every good adventure, a guide brings so much knowledge, depth, and even safety to the journey. I help guide clients to uncover the “Why’s” in life such as “why do I keep running into the same problem?” Or “why do I have such a problem with getting along with certain people?” Through going on this enneagram journey together, we can discover the ‘whys’ and use them to recognize warning signs in your life and develop ways to stay on healthy paths.

I absolutely love using the enneagram in a Gospel centered way as a tool to accelerate transformation in people’s lives! Combining the power of the Gospel (which in itself brings transformation) with the enneagram (which brings greater self and others awareness), can be a turning point in your personal and spiritual life as you learn and grow exponentially. Learning, growing and helping others to do the same has been woven throughout my path in life. And now with my knowledge of the enneagram, I can share that as a tool to help guide others through life’s ruts, struggles and pitfalls.

I’ve been married to an awesome and encouraging husband for 30 years and we have raised our 3, now young-adult children. That in itself is a huge journey and blessing!

I’ve taught pre-k to elementary school and worked as a youth leader with high school students as well. I love teaching all ages and can’t get enough of those ‘ah-ha’ moments.

From teaching I moved to owning my own business, an interior design workroom. More recently, I have served as a Commissioned Minister in Youth and Children’s Ministry for over 7 years, where I coached leaders and built teams of volunteers.

As an Enneagram (type 2 wing 1) Certified Coach, I am passionate about guiding others to become aware of the warning signs we learn from the enneagram. Then helping to apply this knowledge and navigate to healthier relationships in your family and workplace.

Are you ready to start your amazing enneagram journey? I can’t wait to be your guide!

For more information check out my web site: The Motive Guide


“When I started this journey, I was unsure of what to expect. From the beginning Christie was great about explaining everything to me and making sure she didn’t just put me in a box and tell me who I am. She repeatedly reminded me that this is all about self reflection and giving yourself grace through this process. The biggest thing I took away from this is just the realization of how differently everyone’s minds work, especially in the ways you don’t know about. I learned a lot about why I react the way I do and why I think the way I do. Christie also does a fantastic job at giving you some tools for how to better yourself. I would 100% recommend this to anyone! Thanks Christie!” -Emma S. Type 3

“After Christie helped me dig deeper into the motivations that drive my type of personality, I am better able to understand the “why” of my impulses. This in turn helps be more calm as I make day to day choices.” -Pam D. Type 2

“Through this experience, I connected with God on a deeper level. Learning about my personal enneagram style has helped my relationships with others as well.  I appreciate your listening skills and your ability to restate what you hear me saying. It helps to hear it back. It also helps me when you may catch a disconnect between what you hear me saying to what we are doing or talking about.” -Bonnie Type 9


YEC Certified Enneagram Coach
Commissioned Minister