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Cheri Leyva

I am passionate about helping people deepen their connection with God, themselves, and others through self-discovery and the Enneagram.


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Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 9

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Hello Fellow Sojourner,

Are you stuck and unsure why? Years ago, I found myself in this same season of life. Let me share…

I used to say husband was my best friend. He was and still is this side of heaven. But there was a time when he was my everything. Most of my identity was based on how happy he was. If he was good, then I was good. That was not healthy. Of course, when Henry is sad, I am sad, but who I am, my value as a person, is not wrapped up in whether he or anyone else is pleased or frustrated with me.

My identity and your identity is based on God and all that He created us to be.

It has been a long journey discovering myself and who I am. The good, the bad and all the in-between. I wouldn’t be where I am today without good godly counselors that walked beside me as I sorted out my thoughts and emotions. They helped me see how the childhood messages I picked up long ago still get in my way today.

The Enneagram played a vital role in helping me discover why I do the things I do. I learned that my presence matters and how I am triggered when I feel invisible. That strong emotion wells up at the most unexpected times. It has shown up in casual conversations and even during a fun game of air hockey. What is that strong emotion, you ask? It’s anger. I had suppressed it for so many years, along with all other emotions that I felt numb.

Through the Enneagram, meditation, and my quiet time with God, I found myself. I have been a believer for over 30 years. I knew I was a child of God. That He loved me and that my identity was secure, but there was something missing. I didn’t understand, see, or love myself. I have learned that as an Enneagram 9, it’s okay to be angry. I learned that my presence matters to a lot of people. It matters to God, but most of all, my presence matters to ME.

I now give myself permission to take time for myself and get quiet. It’s not selfish. It’s a must if I am going to show up for myself and others. I step out of my comfort zone everyday. I used to hide behind excuses, being quiet, and sharing when it’s safe. Today God is calling me to step out in big and small ways. It’s funny, my core desire as a 9 is to be seen, but I find all sorts of ways to hide. I have expanded my emotional vocabulary and it feels great!

Every Enneagram type has their own core desires, fears, and childhood message. They have their unique ways of self-protecting that gets in the way of their core longing. I would love to walk beside you, along with the Holy Spirit, to discover your Enneagram type. My goal as an Enneagram and Certified Life Coach is to help you see and accept all that is within you. To help you unlock the limiting beliefs that get in your way of what you desire most.

I would be an honored to work with you, sharing what I have learned both personally and professionally as you step into your truest self. I proudly earned by Bachelor’s of Science degree in Christian Counseling at Liberty University and several coaching certifications through Life Purpose Institute. I am a certified YEC Enneagram and YEC Becoming Us Marriage and Family Coach. I will be a forever student, learning and growing personally and sharing my knowledge with others.

In my free time I love to paddle board, hike, travel, and read a good book in my hammock.

I hope to talk with you soon and learn how I can serve you!



BS in Christian Counseling, Certified YEC Enneagram Coach, YEC Becoming Us Marriage and Family Coach Endorsement, Certified Life Coach, Certified Relationship Coach, Certified Health & Wellness Coach.


45-Minute Consultation (Free)
We will spend 45 minutes getting to know one another and talking about your hopes, desires and needs as it relates to coaching and the Enneagram.
Discovering You Sessions
In the Discovering You session, we will identify your main type for those who are new to the Enneagram or are unsure of their main type. We will look at common mistyping to help you narrow down your main type.
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Exploring You Sessions
There are five sessions in the Exploring You series. Each 45-minute session has a custom worksheet that will guide you through your main type so you can learn and grow without becoming overwhelmed. We will talk about how your main type shows up in everyday life so you can begin to utilize what you are learning to connect with yourself, others, and God on a deeper level.
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Becoming Your Truest Self
After completing the Discovery and Exploring You sessions, we can continue to work together to help you achieve your personal goals, dreams and overcome challenges or limiting beliefs while integrating what you learned through the Enneagram.
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Clarifying Your Calling Sessions
Discover what you love and what you’re good at and how you can step into your God-given calling and gifts. (6 sessions)
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This life coaching experience has helped me to move forward in my current life goals. I was in a state of “paralysis of analysis” and Cheri was able to take me (with such care) out of that space. She coached me to work through and set achievable step by step goals to carry me towards the next steps. I am so grateful to be standing in this place and space knowing that she has been such a large part of helping me to get to where I am currently at. -Shannon (Type 4)

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