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Carla Anne Ferguson

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Endorsed EIP Coach, Free Consultation, Leadership Development, Marriage, Ministry, Parenting, and Wellness

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Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 8

More about Carla Anne Ferguson

Carla Anne is a mom of four biological children, two step children, a few “adopted” kids, a few in-laws, and several grandchildren (6 as of October 2022). She lives with her husband on the Canadian prairies in Steinbach, Manitoba.

Having lived in many places around North America (Toronto, New York, Southern California) she’s acquainted with change, the impact moving has on a family, and the best ways to adapt to different cultures. She has also worked in many fields – from the arts to finance to the automotive industry.

Carla Anne has been coaching for more than 16 years. Starting off as a finance coach, and training other finance coaches, she eventually branched out to included marital coaching. Out of that stemmed the growth of a mentoring ministry assisting people to reach, or get closer to reaching, their own personal, spiritual and character goals.

Carla Anne’s first royalty published book, with agent Les Stobbe, hit the shelves in 2011. This book, Married Mom, Solo Parent, was met with great acclaim and is still impacting families today. Carla Anne went on to write a second book, The Whole-Hearted Christian, which is a year-long mentoring resource taking participants through to a deeper level of character growth, spiritual maturity, faith, and outward-looking service to others. Carla Anne’s most recent publication, Focus on Feelings, is a deep dive workbook into understanding and working through emotions to avoid medicating them with substances, food, activities, and unhealthy behaviours. This book is used by Life Coaching clients with their coaches and on their own with great success.

As mentor and coach, Carla Anne has extensive experience. She practices with deep care, conviction, compassion, motivation and wisdom. Although she has a direct and no-nonsense approach, she balances that well with her down-to-earth style which is borne of real-life experience.

On the more personal side of things, Carla Anne enjoys taking Latin dance lessons – especially Salsa and Bachata. She is in her fourth year of studying the Spanish language, and although she is no longer a beginner still feels quite inept in a full-on Spanish immersion setting. Some of her favourite pastimes are learning, writing, hiking, swimming, being at the lake, riding bike (for pleasure … there is no race-woman in these bones!), playing group games and singing with a group around the piano, a campfire and if you bring your guitar or ukulele … she’d be even more thrilled!

Carla Anne has shared her home with many people. Well over 30 people have lived in her home. Carla Anne is a care-giver to adults with intellectual disabilities because she feels everyone needs to know the love of a home and family, everyone needs a place to belong, and everyone needs to feel important to someone else.

Faith is an integral aspect of Carla Anne’s life, journey and practice. Carla Anne subscribes to Evangelical Christian faith tenets. However, she graciously serves clients of any faith or non-faith background.


B.A. Music, Providence University College (1991) // Certified Leading From Your Strengths Coach, Ministry Insights, Arizona, USA // Life Coach Master’s Level Certification, Rhodes Wellness College (2020) BC, Canada // Certified Enneagram Coach, Your Enneagram Coach, Tenesee, USA // Member in Good Standing, International Coaches Federation


30-Minute Discovery Call
Our endorsed YEC certified coach will inform YEC's three-step coaching process so you can make the right decision for your needs.
Discovering You Sessions
Your coach will help guide you in discovering your main Enneagram type.
Exploring You Sessions
There are six sessions in this series each with a customize Guide Sheet that your coach will guide you through so you can learn and grow without becoming overwhelmed.
Becoming Your Truest Self
After completing the Discovering and Exploring You sessions, your coach will help you apply all you learned into your everyday life (personal, professional, and spiritual).
Bronze Package
Purchase 3 sessions of Coaching to be used within 6 weeks. Set aside the time to really dig in to understand how God created you. (10% off the price of individual sessions)
Silver Package
Purchase 5 sessions to be used within 10 weeks. Give yourself time not only to learn, but to grow and start to see change. (15% off the price of individual sessions)
Gold Package
Purchase 10 sessions to be used within 5 months. This is a transformational package giving you time to learn, grow and establish wonderful change in your life. (20% off the price of individual sessions.)

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An Amazing thing happened to me…A gift from Heaven at the right time. Something I had never dreamt of for myself. I feel so rich to have had this gift given to me that I feel like, “how can I do life without it.” What was the gift? Three sessions of Life Coaching by a certified Life Coach. It was the BEST. CarlaAnne does an amazing job of listening, guiding in a caring and gentle way, empowering, brings light, hope and joy. It was so helpful to sort out my heart in the direction I needed to go to feel light, hope and joy in my life and for my family. I did not feel overwhelmed by the end of the session but hope and courage to go on which meant a lot to me. I really, really enjoyed. I miss it already. The solution is to sign up for one of her packages and move on in life with power and joy. I will look into it. Thank you CarlaAnne, you are the BEST!


The coaching I received from Carla Anne helped me immensely to get refocused and excited about changes that were happening in my life. Implementing the tools she suggested and looking at things differently with her guidance I have changed careers and started my own online business. I was struggling with stress and not sure where my future was heading, I’m blessed to have had an opportunity to be coached by Carla Anne! She really knows her stuff and her enthusiasm is contagious!! Thank you Carla Anne for helping me to find the right path!


Carla Anne was my mentor/life coach for about 3 years. She didn’t just mentor, she invested in me. I never felt it was just a job to her. It was her heart and passion to see to see me grow and thrive. I am forever grateful!


The day we met Carla Anne’s smile, her joy, and her vulnerability when she spoke about her life not only caught my attention but also my heart. Over the last few years Carla Anne has been an amazing mentor to me in my journey through recovery and my walk with Christ.

I am truly blessed to have her in my life.


I’m not sure where to start but this woman is amazing! For anyone who doubts themselves or abilities, lacks motivation or having trouble trying to figure out what’s the next more they need to move forward especially if your an entrepreneur, she’s your woman! I havent known Carla Anne for very long but she really pointed me in the right direction and has shown me what areas I really need to focus on especially when it comes to my business. She is definitely an asset to have if your looking to succeed and I am looking forward to working with Carla Anne more because she gives a relief feeling of a safety net and helps get you back on track to meet your goals no matter what you’re aiming to accomplish. She has a great background in business and coaching plus a wonderful, welcoming personality. I highly recommend her!


Carla Anne has a way of making people feel at ease to open up and speak what they think. Her life experiences are very broad and give her a real perspective on a number of life issues that many of us deal with. My experience with her is very positive and I recommend her as a business or personal coach to anyone who has a desire to grow and improve both personally and also in business. Carla Anne has a wide range of business experience that qualifies her to be an excellent business coach.


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