My vision is to help individuals, couples and the family of God (churches) to live for Christ and love God with all their heart, mind and soul; to love each other and together seek to bring people into a loving relationship with God.

Hi! I am Brenda La Stella, I love in Fort Lauderdale, FL and am a native to South Florida. I am married to my husband, Donny and we have 6 adult children and 3 grandchildren. I am a Type 4 who has a genuine love for people and loves to encourage everyone to be who God created them to be.

My husband and I do not go to traditional church, we belong to an Online community of a global church. This has allowed us to expand our relationships and connections with Christ followers from many nations and cultural backgrounds. We teach the core foundations of our identity in Christ to new believers and implement Christ Centered Enneagram into our program. We have watched people’s lives transformed from the first step of faith in Christ to being fully known by God as His beloved child.

My coaching style is heart driven with lovingkindness. With me, you will journey into understanding your Creator-created relationship with God will be informative and challenge you to be honest with yourself and God, with lots of compassion for you as my Brother/Sister in Christ.


“Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” John 13:3

​I spent 1 day a week, 5 weeks total of enneagram coaching with Brenda and was extremely blessed by it! Brenda is very generous, kind, loving, personable, and full of Godly advice and wisdom. She is very knowledgeable and has much to offer. Brenda knew before I did what my enneagram type was. She helped me truly discover “me” and helped me better understand the person that I am. We discussed Enneagram types with a biblical basis. I discovered a more in depth understanding of my core desires, core fears, core weaknesses, and core longing. I gained an understanding about the different levels of alignment, my growth path, my stress path, my blind spot path, and my converging path. Also, we discussed relational behaviors with people close to me and those distant to me. I gained tools and an understanding I didn’t have before of how to be a better version of me for myself, my family, my friends, and the people I come into contact with. You will love her as I have! ~Dora M.

Hybrid, Virtual, In-Person
Individual, Group, Couple
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