Are you exhausted by things that used to give you energy?

Are you restless and tired at the same time?

Are you stuck in…indecision, inaction or stuck in your feelings?

Do you feel like you are suffocating in dissatisfaction from life’s disappointments?

Are you emotionally depleted from traumatic experiences?

I help women struggling with emotional, mental & physical exhaustion to break free from burnout, confusion and pain in order to lead a life filled with clarity, purpose & freedom!


Here’s my story…

I did the textbook thing.

I went to school, got married to my high school sweetheart, got a job straight out of college and started my education career with a passion to help underprivileged children.

Honorable right?

It seemed that way until the day I threw two garbage bags filled with papers I was supposed to grade, into a dumpster. As a person of integrity, I shocked myself when I did that.

That was the day that changed everything.

I could no longer serve others well and sit in a career I felt unfulfilled with. How does a person of passion lose their passion? It can happen. Things change. The perfect picture isn’t always what it looked like in your mind.

I took a risk.

I abandoned the career I worked hard to get for the uncertainty of a new one with a start-up company. I became a founding member that helped lead that company to become a million-dollar organization. I was a career coach there, in addition to serving in other numerous roles. I helped women find careers that aligned with their passions. I gained leadership and entrepreneurship skills & experience that enabled me to eventually lead my own company.

Then there was the ugly part.

I was completely overworked. I had over-committed, over-promised, and had overlooked how unwell I was emotionally. I even came to the devastating realization that my relationships had suffered severely in my efforts to become an accomplished professional. I lost myself- my identity was blurry and my purpose became so unclear. In fact, one pivotal moment of awakening was when my sister called to tell me she thought I was “one the edge.” And I was. I was on the edge of breaking down.

I started a new journey.

After spending 15 years in education and over a decade of that time immersed in personal development, career coaching, leadership and entrepreneurship, I started to realize my life’s purpose was to help other women like me. To help women, on the edge. Women with greatness behind and ahead of them, but who are caught in emotional exhaustion, burnout or a place with no clarity. Through multiple career changes, a journey of intense healing & self discovery (including learning about the Enneagram!), and moving across the country, I have become an expert in taking courageous steps. I believe that courage despite difficulty, can be the most significant catalyst for transformation.

As a coach, it is my focus to help you grow through reflection, strategy, and supportive accountability. And it is my mission to guide you through unpacking the blindspots and unhealthy patterns that keep you from having ultimate peace, clarity and fulfillment in your relationships, career and life!

“Trade your reactionary life for a proactive one, your stagnant relationships for fulfilling ones, your mundane work for a career with purpose and your discontentment for joy and impact!

Virtual, In-Person
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


Bachelors in Education
Wayne State University
YEC Certified Coach + EIP Endorsement
Trained in the Simply Wholehearted Coaching Process
Former Career Coach

10+ years in Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Informed in Internal Family Systems (IFS)
EMDR/Trauma Therapy & Emotional Intelligence