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Brandi Myree

I help women re-discover themselves and uncover the blindspots that hold them back from the fulfillment they desire and deserve!


Business, Career, Endorsed EIP Coach, Free Consultation, Leadership Development, Team Building, and Women

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Group and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 2

More about Brandi Myree

I did the textbook thing…

I went to school, got married to my high school sweetheart, got a job straight out of college and started my education career with a passion to help underprivileged children.

Honorable right?

It seemed that way until the day I threw two garbage bags filled with papers I was supposed to grade, into a dumpster. As a person of integrity, I shocked myself when I did that.

That was the day that changed everything.

I could no longer serve others well and sit in a career I felt unfulfilled with. How does a person of passion lose their passion? It can happen. Things change. The perfect picture isn’t always what it looked like in your mind.

I took a risk.

I abandoned the career I worked hard to get for the uncertainty of a new one with a start-up company. I became a founding member that helped lead that company to become a million-dollar organization. I was a career coach there, in addition to serving in other numerous roles. I helped women find careers that aligned with their passions. I gained leadership and entrepreneurship skills & experience that enabled me to eventually lead my own company.

There was still MORE that I wanted.

More for my relationships, more for my life, more for myself. My relationships had stagnated in my efforts to become an accomplished professional. I lost myself- my identity became blurred and my purpose unclear. My faith kept me sane and my prayers helped me remember why I was born.

I embarked on a new journey.

After spending 15 years in education and over a decade of that time immersed in personal development, career coaching, leadership and entrepreneurship, I started to realize my life’s purpose was to help other women like me. To help women, in search of more, to live fulfilled. Through multiple career changes, a journey of healing & self discovery (including learning about the Enneagram!), and moving across the country, I have become an expert in transitions. I believe that transitions, though they can cause strain, pain and difficulty, can also be the most significant catalysts for transformation.

As a coach, it is my focus to help you grow through reflection, strategy, and supportive accountability. And it is my mission to lead you to the MORE that you desire. You were purposed for it! The Enneagram was the flashlight I needed to expose me to what I was missing. Using the effectiveness of this tool, I hope to spark that same light in you, allowing you to live the life you’ve envisioned by trading your reactionary life for a proactive one, your stagnant relationships for fulfilling ones, your mundane work for a career with purpose and your discontentment for joy and impact!


Bachelors in Education

YEC Certified Coach

EIP Endorsement


30-Minute Consultation
I will walk you through my coaching process & opportunities, so that you can make the right decision for your needs.
Typing Sessions
I will help guide you in discovering your main Enneagram type and your core motivations.
The Discovery Journey
A journey of clarity where we deep dive to uncover blindspots, explore relational development, and the impact your type can have on your personal and professional life. I include the typing session as your first session. Then, there are five successive sessions, each with a customized Guide Sheet that I will guide you through, so that you can learn and grow at a pace that is digestable and enables growth.
The Transformational Journey
A customized coaching journey where we explore all aspects of the Enneagram & co-create a plan of growth to focus on the areas in which you are looking for clarity, strategy & development.
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“Brandi is a very skilled coach and passionate about her work. It was obvious in all of our sessions that she spent time preparing specifically to give me a unique and customized experience. She is authentic and cares very much about helping you grow. Her dedication to you makes you want to dig deep and work harder toward self growth.” (Kelly, Type 2)

“I had such an amazing experience. Brandi was so enthusiastic about helping me grow and learn. Her excitement was contagious. I looked forward to our sessions every week. I have already implemented many of the strategies Brandi showed me and her advice will continue to help me develop mentally and spiritually. 5 stars!” (Krista, Type 8)

“After a season of intense depression and dormancy, I have been on a relentless journey toward self awareness and growth for the last three years. My sessions with Brandi were extremely insightful, introspective, and enlightening. I felt SEEN. I was able to go beyond what I already knew to be true about myself, and be open to new possibilities. The sessions equipped me with a confidence and moving forward I know that I can use the Enneagram as a tool to become the best version of myself, for me & others. I am grateful to her for being a patient and attentive coach. Her enthusiasm throughout this process was both infectious and greatly appreciated.” (Melodi, Type 4)

“Brandi was able to beneficially show me my blindspots while helping me see the room for growth. She provided a safe and encouraging environment for me to be vulnerable and deeply look into myself for reflection, understanding and growth.” (Kelli, Type 2)

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