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Beth Burgess

Accelerating growth through personal discovery.


Business, College, Free Consultation, Marriage, Ministry, Non-Profit, Parenting, Pastoral Leadership, Team Building, Wellness, Women, and Youth

Delivery Methods
Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 2

More about Beth Burgess

With my Masters Degree in Education, I have always been drawn towards helping people reach their full potential. I was first introduced to the enneagram over 5 years ago, and as I studied and learned I found freedom and compassion for myself and others. I became a certified enneagram coach in order to help others explore their motivations and better understand the why behind their actions. My goal is to ask good questions, empower and equip you with new tools, and celebrate when you experience growth and reach your goals.


Masters in Education, Custom Made curriculum creator, community engagement director, Life Coach


Initial Consultation
Online or in-person, this free consultation is designed for individuals, couples, or businesses to learn more about the enneagram and how it can propel you towards personal, spiritual, and professional growth. In addition we will explore if we are a good match as client and coach.
Individual Coaching Sessions
Online or in-person, together we will explore your Type and tailor your sessions to your personal, spiritual, and professional goals.We will explore:Type & SubtypeWings & Core MotivationsBlindspots and TriggersCommunication & Conflict StylesIntegration & Areas of GrowthDecision Making and more. These sessions will be tailored to your individual goals.
Couples & Family Coaching Sessions
Want to explore the enneagram together and better understand each other? Our couple & family coaching is the right fit for you. We will learn each other’s type, our blindspots and triggers, how to communicate more effectively, and practical conflict resolution tools. With increased understanding we can develop compassion and empathy for those who are closest to us.
Workshops for Organizations and Teams
Customized workshops to increase collaboration, empower members, build rapport, and reduce conflict. Possible topics training include: Individual and team motivationEnhanced communicationLeadership and management stylesConflict & triggersGiving and receiving communicationLet’s connect and start building your customized workshop
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“I was grateful to participate in a 6-week Enneagram study with Beth. She provided a lot of useful information that helped me understand the model and my particular style. Her questions helped me dig deeper, in an affirming and non-judgmental manner. She helped me see the how I can bring out the best in myself and others.”


“I would highly recommend Beth’s coaching sessions! Beth has a very personable style and she’s very wise and intuitive and knows how to ask questions to get you to understand yourself better. She is extremely knowledgeable about the Enneagram and will lead you through a journey of understanding about yourself and others. Through the class, I have a better understanding of what motivates my behaviors and how that ultimately affects how I move through this world.”


“I never realized the motivations behind some of my behaviors. With the help of Custom Made Coaching I am more aware of my triggers and how to better communicate with my co-workers.”


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