2023 Enneagram Informed Mental Health Professional
Enneagram Coach Certification Network

Want to accelerate growth and self-awareness? The Enneagram provides a framework to understand why we think, feel and act in certain ways. Applying it through the lens of the Gospel helps us find lasting purpose and transformation in our life, work and relationships. Offering personal coaching, Your Enneagram Coach shows individuals, couples and groups how to apply a Christ-centered Enneagram in every area of life.

2021 - present In Progress - Certification - Grief Therapy as Meaning Reconstruction
Portland Institute for Loss and Transition

At the heart of grief is the attempt to reaffirm or rebuild a world of meaning that has been challenged by loss. Especially when the death is traumatic or premature, or when the relationship with the deceased was complicated or conflicted, the bereaved often need more than simple support and a listening ear. Looking at loss through a wide-angle lens, we also recognize that life confronts us with many unwelcome transitions, whether in the form of lost relationships, careers, health, possibilities, identity, security or even precious possessions. Though these non-death losses are often ambiguous or invisible, they too can shake our taken-for-granted assumptions that life is predictable, the world is just, and people are reliable. ​Drawing on a large and growing body of bereavement research and clinical scholarship, a Meaning Reconstruction approach to grief therapy gives you the tools to work alongside clients struggling with intense and prolonged grief, as you learn to listen between the lines of the stories they tell themselves and others about the loss, and find the seeds of new beginnings.

2021 - present The Immanuel Approach, Level 1 and Level 2
Face to Faith Ministries

The Immanuel Approach describes a counseling prayer method designed to resolve many forms of emotional distress linked to incompletely processed painful experiences. • Immanuel means “God with us,” and this promise is the foundation for all that follows. The Immanuel Approach is to deepen intimacy with God, permanently resolve past pain, and discern God’s ongoing guidance.

2016-2019 Licensed Professional Counselor
John Brown University

MS in Marriage and Family Therapy

2011-2012 The Apprenticeship Training Program
The Joshua Center

The Joshua Center is a faith-based professional counseling center located in Northwest AR dedicated to healing, training, and equipping. The Apprenticeship Training Program was created by The Joshua Center to provide an opportunity to equip laypersons with the skills they need to make a difference in the lives of others.